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Welcome to the ASSU Petitioning Portal

We invite you to use this site to create and sign petitions for the 2024 ASSU Election. Based on your enrollment status, you may be able to run for specific elected offices and sign eligible petitions. Once you login, you can view your enrollment status in the “Voter Profile” tab.

To create a petition, go to “My Petitions” and click on “New Petition.” Please make sure to complete all the required fields.

To sign a petition, go to “All Petitions,” click on the petition you are interested in and press “Sign Petition.”

To be placed on the ballot, candidates and slates must receive a minimum number of signatures:

Petition Type Signatures Needed
Executive Slate 300 from undergraduates and graduate students (minimum 100 from each population)
Undergraduate Senator 100 from undergraduate students
Class President Slate 100 from undergraduate students from enrollment class
Graduate Student Councilor No signature threshold
General Petitions 5% of the student body for symbolic actions, 15% for referendums, recalls and amendments, 10% otherwise
Annual Grant Petitions 15% of the relevant Grad and/or Undergrad populations

More information about the 2024 ASSU Election can be found here. If you have any questions or concerns about the petitioning process, please contact the Elections Commission at elections@assu.stanford.edu

Technical Notes

This site was developed by Tim Vrakas, a member of the Graduate Student Council, volunteering to help the Elections Commission. The site was built using Ruby on Rails, a modern web framework. It integrates into Stanford's SAML login system, and cross-references enrollment data to validate all signatures.
  • If you're interested in a job developing software to help the student body, join Cardinal Labs!
  • If you've discovered a security vulnerability or data leak, please let us know! We will reward you with late night.
  • Please send all feeback to timv@assu.stanford.edu.